New York City is a handful. In many ways, it’s the center of the world in terms of economy, culture, music, and has been the stage of world events that shaped society today.

The sheer size and population of New York City is enough to make anyone feel dizzy, but once you learn these fun facts about the city you’ll realize a bit more just how crazy it can be.

See below five different facts about New York City that will blow your mind. Do you have any more you didn’t see here? Leave a comment below!

NYC Culture

Pizza is an integral part of the New York City identity. There’s no going to New York without getting a slice on the street, or in the hundreds of pizzarias throughout the area’s five boroughs.

But, you may not know that New York City was the birthplace of the first American pizzeria. In 1905, Lombardi’s at 32 Spring Street opened its doors, introducing the nation to saucy, cheesy, delicious pies.

Founded by Italian immigrants, it was one of the city’s first established immigrant businesses to bring another culture’s cuisine to the city. First opened as a grocery in the late 19th century, Gennaro Lombardi began selling “tomato pies” - a pizza-like pie with toppings first, then sauce - to the lunch crowd.

The popularity of these pies led Gennaro to open a business centered around what we know as pizza today. Now, because of the American contributions to pizza, the food finds itself served all over the world. And, the New York experience now isn’t complete without a slice!

NYC History

Times Square is one New York City landmark that has helped define the New York experience. But, it was not always known by its iconic name.

Before 1904, Times Square was in fact known as Longacre Square, and was still a major economic center of the city. But, once the New York Times newspaper moved its headquarters to what is known as One Times Square, the park also had its name changed - most likely for publicity.

NYC Economy

The NYC economy is so large, it’s hard not to know about produce or transaction that doesn’t have some connection to the iconic city.

New York City’s economy is one that weathered the recession better than most of the country, and bounced back better as well, which gave the city a proper stage for future astronomical growth.

Over 19 million residents of the greater New York City area create an approximate $1.5 trillion a year in gross domestic. Tokyo, another major economic powerhouse, has 36 million people and generates about $2 trillion in GDP.

Economists believe by 2030, New York City will command a $2.5 trillion GDP and surpass Tokyo. That’s a growth rate of about 67 percent in just 11 years, a rate that is almost unheard of!

NYC Music

There’s no end to the sheer number of musicians who have come through New York City. It’s the center of music for much of the world, and genres such as bebop, hip hop, and other popular forms call NYC home.

But, did you know that salsa also originated in New York City? Immigrants from Cuba and Puerto Rico - who often lived in the same neighborhoods together - came together to create a hybrid form of their respective musical traditions that people around the world enjoy!

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