AirBNB is a company that allows people to rent out property they own. Typically this is either an entire property, or a room within the property.

AirBNB has revolutionized the hotel industry for the worst, as millions of people are opting for cheaper rates over the amenities hotels often provide. But, what is it exactly that is different, aside from staying in a person’s home, that makes people choose AirBNB over hotels?

In New York City, AirBNB has a massive presence because of the cost of staying in the city. Increasingly, as well, the amenities provided in hotels are becoming more common in AirBNBs.  

Take a look at the five considerations when thinking about whether you should rent a hotel room or an AirBNB. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll know which option is best for you.


Perhaps the first consideration we should talk about price. After all, many people shop for the best deals in most all situations, don’t they? 

With AirBNB, the price you pay is often much lower than hotel rooms. Depending on where you are staying, you can expect to pay in some cases a significantly lower rate per night than hotels.  

This is sometimes because of the lack of amenities offered. But often, it makes sense to charge smaller amounts a night because of what people are making in high-demand areas. Here’s some math:

If a typical studio apartment costs $2,500 in Brooklyn (and that’s on the high end) and someone charges $125 per night, they stand to have over $3,700 in revenue which results in a $1,200 profit. While they charge less than most hotels, they are still raking in quite a bit of money per month.  

Even some rooms, which can reach into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars a night, do not come close to hotel rooms with comparable amenities, locations, or views. In terms of price, AirBNB is a clear winner.


The amenities offered by hotels are consistent and reliable. Most all hotels offer room service, some form of breakfast, and even have things like pools, gyms, and bars or restaurants on site.

These types of amenities are generally not offered for AirBNBs in New York City. While the price generally reflects this difference in amenities, you’ll want to ask yourself what exactly you want out of your trip.

Most people who rent an AirBNB are simply looking for a base of operations to adventure from. Other people want a luxurious experience, which they are most likely to have at a hotel - for a price.

If what you need is just a place to stay, an AirBNB is a clear winner. If you want amenities, then you should most likely book a hotel.


If a strong customer service experience is something you require, you may want to consider a hotel.

That’s because in AirBNBs your only interactions are with the person who is managing the property, and AirBNB itself. Most often everything you can have with the AirBNB is in the unit itself, and the owners are typically people who are either away or have their own jobs to tend to. That means they are not always 100 percent available to help.

AirBNB as a company has nothing to do with the amenities. Their only role is to facilitate payment for properties and to advertise them on the platform.

Hotels are staffed with people who can take care of your needs, most often around the clock. There’s someone to call if you have a complaint, and someone will most likely address that complaint as fast as they possibly can.

When it comes to customer service, hotels take the cake.


One of the biggest benefits of AirBNBs over hotels is location. 

Hotels are generally large structures that are in some way centrally located, but not always. If you think your only option for staying in New York City is a hotel, then your options will most definitely be limited.

AirBNB, on the other hand, has spaces renting out wherever there are apartments in New York City - which is everywhere.

Simply put, in terms of location AirBNB is the clear winner.


General expectations are important to consider when deciding between AirBNBs and hotel rooms. 

AirBNBs are privately owned and operated. That means you are dealing with often a single person, and are left to how well they want to clean their place for you or set up various amenities. This can change from place to place, completely determined by the individual person managing the place.

Hotels are larger operations that have more resources for you. They have customer service, often large and luxurious amenities, and more to offer. This all comes at often a much larger price.

Whether you are considering AirBNBs or hotel rooms for your New York City stay, it’s crucial to get as much information as you can ahead of time. The best advice here is to do your research, read reviews, and be mindful of being a good guest.

Have you had great experiences staying in New York City? Tell us in the comments below!


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