As time goes by, employers are embracing the idea that team-building activities will not only bring their employees closer, but affect their bottom line. 

That’s why all employers should look into the value of team-building. People will work more effectively together when they feel a connection to their peers. Additionally, a memorable experience sponsored by an employer will make employees feel that they are more than just a body making someone else money.

That’s why we’ve put together the top five team-building activities in New York City. You’ll quickly realize that the Big Apple is chock-full of things people can do together to get closer, and work more closely together.

1.   Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a thrilling way to build teams. Often pitted against a course of puzzles, physical challenges, and other games that require cooperation, an escape room will show your employees the value of working together as a team. 

The one we suggest is PanIQ Escape Room NYC. Perhaps the best in the market, PanIQ prides itself as the escape room destination of celebrities such as Seth Rogan, Gerard Butler, and more, their top-of-the-line storylines and expertly-crafted adventures attract adventure seekers of all types.

2.   Tour the Skies

There’s almost nothing more memorable than the Big Apple from thousands of feet in the sky. Taking in the overwhelming sprawl of the city all at once will leave you and your employees with a fresh new perspective of our great city.  

To tour the skies, we suggest the Manhattan Sky Tour: New York Helicopter Flight. In just 15 minutes, these guys promise to take your breath away with some of the best views of the city possible.

3.   Tour by Water

One of New York City’s most valuable resources is its waterfronts. Long the stage for people entering the country and the city’s main connection to the world, a tour of the city’s harbors will offer a ground-up view of the best skyline you’ve ever seen. 

This is where New York Harbor Tours comes in—we pride ourselves as the best private boat tour company in the city with our expert captains, beautiful crafts, and guides with nearly endless knowledge of the city’s waterways, you’re employees will most definitely thank you later. Also, they are BYOB!

4.   Get Your Drink On!

Do you and your employees enjoy a nice brew after work? It may be not surprising that brewery tours are becoming one of the most popular team-building activities out there, and NYC has plenty of them!

The best one on our radar is NYC Brew Tours. These guys not only focus on the tastes brewing in the city, but the long history of brewing and the burgeoning craft beer culture growing by the day.

5.   Get Your Quarters!

One thing your team will never expect is an employer-sponsored trip to the arcade. Whether your group are gamers or not, no one can resist the urge to pummel their opponents on classic arcade boxes.

The best-known arcade center is Next Level in Brooklyn. Known as the best fighting-game arcade in the country, you can revel in your employees beating the puss out of each other digitally, all while enjoying the fruits of healthy competition.

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