Tribeca is a vibrant part of New York City that residents and visitors alike can enjoy.

From dining and museums to games and waterside adventures, finding things to do in Tribeca is is anything but hard. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the seven best things to do so that you can take Tribeca by storm.

Dining in Novelty

The food scene of Tribeca NYC is world-class to say the least. Like most other places in New York, there’s an almost endless selection of cultural and new-age dining options available.

Our pick is Brandy Library. Part pub, part library, you can get lost for hours in this destination’s bookshelves while trying some of the area’s best craft cocktails and wines. There are also sommeliers on staff to help you find the perfect pairing!

Music with a Twist

New Orleans, among many other things, is the birthplace of dueling piano performances. Two players take the stage and switch back and forth between solos, making for a musical experience like no other.

Tribeca keeps this decades-old tradition alive with Shake Rattle and Roll Pianos. Their players can take requests, and with a focus on comedic cabaret and interaction with guests a night here will not be forgotten.

Take to the Seas

Imagine taking in the New York City skyline from the Hudson River. With New York Harbor Tours, you and your friends can turn a day in Tribeca into the ultimate experience.

With options to rent out private tours for your party - and the ability to bring your own alcohol - you can party hard with the safety of expert crews and exhilarating views of the greatest city on Earth.

Get Literary

If what you’re looking for is something more creatively inspiring, perhaps the best option is the Poet’s Library.

A national library for all things poetry, you can search the stacks for your next favorite rhyme or enjoy performances from poets coming from all corners of the globe.

Hop on the Green

There’s almost no pleasure like miniature golf, and Tribeca’s Pier 25 is an 18-hole getaway where you and your friends can spend hours scoring that perfect hole-in-one.

This destination is great for people of all ages. Also found at Pier 25 is a full playground for children and skate park, so the fun - in whatever form it takes - will never stop.

Get in Good Graces

If you’re a fan of great architecture, one of the best finds in Tribeca is Trinity Grace Church.

One of the oldest in the city, Trinity Grace Church is world-famous for their breathtaking stained glass displays. Additionally, the building has been so well-preserved that its placement in the heart of bustling and modern Tribeca feels almost like an anachronism.

Step Into A Dream

Truly off the beaten path, Dream House in Tribeca is one of the neighborhood’s most interesting hidden treasures.

 An art gallery with a focus on lighting displays, there’s almost no describing the feeling of walking through neon-lighted rooms or taking in a stunning manipulation of light - only to be found in Dream House.



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