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If you haven’t noticed already, stress is one of the most prevalent and enduring facts of life for everyone. Whether economic, social, or otherwise, everyone feels some kind of stress.

For couples, that stress can be a strain on the relationship. Finding a way to cut that stress together, interestingly enough, is a wonderful way to grow closer.

That’s where the spa trip comes in. There’s really nothing like a good massage or a decadent skin treatment to make the stress melt away. Doing these with your significant other just makes the experience all that more sweet.

We’ve put together a list of the five best spas for a couples relaxation session. Whether to calm things down after a stressful holiday season or to cut through the pressure of everyday life, we’re sure you and your loved one will not regret putting your feet up at one of these great New York City spas.

The Couples Spa

If there is a place known for helping couples de-stress, having the word “couples” in the name seems a reliable indicator. Featured on MTV’s dating show Gamekillers and Timeout New York Magazine, The Couples Spa offers incredibly-priced packages for couples and even double dates!

You can expect to get a 70-minute Swedish massage for $220, and an exhilarating aroma flower bath for $390, both of which have rave reviews.

Aire Ancient Baths

Featured in Clara, Vogue Japan, and Harper’s Bazaar, we’re almost 100 percent sure you’ve never had the kind of experience Aire Ancient Baths offers to its couples clients.

The real point of difference is the atmosphere. Modeled after the near-divine designs of Roman baths, Aire Ancient Baths features luxurious stone-work and a wide array of special services designed to bring you and your loved one closer together in meditative relaxation.

Shibui Spa at the Greenwich Hotel

With a nod to Japanese zen philosophy, Shibui Spa is perhaps one of the most endearing themed-spa experiences any couple can embark upon.

Step into a Japanese yukata robe and take a dip in the heated swimming pool, or take a meditation session after your massage. Not only are all worldly comforts covered here - Shibui is also a journey through an ancient culture that truly valued relaxation for you and your loved one.

Caudalíe Paris - L’appartement Madison

This high-luxury day spa experience is one that you and your loved one will not soon forget. With touches of classically French and hyper-modern aesthetics, the beautiful facility is enough to make you go “Wow!”

What sets Caudalíe apart is its “vinotherapie” practices. Incorporating wine and grapes into many of its massage practices, you and your significant other will experience a whole world of massage practices that have left reviewers raving.

Cynergy Spa

This Brooklyn-based spa is revered as one of the best Valentine’s Day spa solutions around. That’s because their “Cupid’s Wish” series of services - with special pricing for couples - features almost two hours of aromatherapy massage, rose petal foot treatments, and complimentary champagne!

The “It Takes Two” couples service includes everything stated above, along with delicious craft chocolate for a complete two hour unwind experience!

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