Our boat, Tireless

Our dedicated tour boat, Tireless has:

  • A large open deck with plenty of seating perfect for spreading out and taking in the sights.

  • A protected cabin with comfortable seating—(perfect shelter from a passing summer shower).

  • A clean, working head (bathroom).

  • A small but efficient galley perfect for storing and heating any drinks or food.

  • We are a BYOB boat but have coolers available to keep your drinks cold.

Our guests enjoying a custom charter tour.

Your Captain and Guide, David Critchell

Your Captain and Guide, David Critchell

Captain David Critchell grew up sailing on Long Island Sound. Through his love of the area’s waterways, he developed a passion for New York’s history, especially its maritime past, details of which he enjoys sharing with his passenger guests. After college, he pursued a career as a magazine journalist, but he missed the feeling of freedom and the connection to the physical world that sailing gave him. About a decade ago, he returned to New York’s waters, first helming large sailing vessels and more recently, smaller motorboats, before acquiring the Tireless and founding New York Harbor Tours. “I love being out on the same waterways that Henry Hudson and others once navigated,” says Captain Dave. “Seeing the city when out in the harbor or lit up at night from the upper bay are for me priceless experiences. They give you a whole new perspective on New York, which after all, grew into the metropolis it is today by being one of the world’s great port cities.” Captain David Critchell holds a 100 Master’s License from the US Coast Guard. 


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