• Do you have a bathroom on board? Yes! We have a clean, comfortable head with toilet and sink in the boat's enclosed cabin for your convenience.

  • Do you serve food or drinks? Water and soft drinks are complimentary but please BYOB. We have plenty of cups and ice in our coolers to keep your drinks cold. We do not serve food but encourage you do bring munchies or picnic with you! There is a small galley onboard with a sink, hot water heater and coffee machine for your use. Feel free to stow food in the galley and grab it whenever you like.

  • Are kids allowed on the boat? Of course! We love kids (and their parents). Children 12 and under are required by law to wear a lifejacket, which we will provide.

  • What time do tours depart? We have set daily departures throughout the day (see here for times) for our intimate boutique public tours but encourage you to book a private charter so you can set the departure time that suits your schedule best.

  • What if the weather looks bad? Your safety is our primary concern and we will not go out in any conditions that are unsafe for the vessel, passengers and crew. In our experience, however, weather rarely forces a cancellation. Our boat has an enclosed cabin with seating if rain or wind are a nuisance and we provide rain gear for our guests who prefer to brave the elements on deck!

  • What is your cancellation policy? A credit card is required to reserve a booking. All credit and debit cards are accepted. A full refund is issued if a cancellation is made more than 15 days prior to trip. If customer cancels less than 15 days prior to trip, a deposit will be kept but will be valid as credit toward future trip. Cancellation less than 48 hours will result in loss of full deposit with no credit issued. We accept all credit cards and cash.

  • Is the boat accessible for people in a wheelchair? No. If a passenger can get in and out of their wheelchair then we can get them on, but there is no ramp for wheeling on and off.

  • Are pets allowed on the boat? Yes! We love pets. Note though that on a public tour if another passenger has an allergy, fear or objection then the pet would not be allowed, so please check with us before bringing a pet on a public tour.

  • Do we get wet? Not unless you want to! On very windy days the back of the boat can get hit with some spray, but our captains will warn you about this ahead of time and you simply need to move forward to avoid it. And if we caught in some rain there is a safe, dry cabin to hide out in.

  • Is there a minimum age? No. We have infant lifejackets for our tiniest passengers.

  • Do you provide life-jackets? Yes.

  • Do people get motion sickness on a small boat? Very rarely but it does happen. Our boat is steady and safe but on some days conditions in the harbor can be bumpy at times. If you know or suspect that you are susceptible to motion sickness take dramamine before you get to the dock.

  • I cannot swim, is it still safe for me to do the tour? Yes! Our boat is safe and seaworthy and has high gunwales (rails) so everyone stays on the boat and there is no need for swimming.

  • Can we bring alcoholic beverages with us? Please do! We have ice stocked coolers, cups, doozies, cork screws, openers, etc.

  • Is smoking or vaping allowed on the boat? Yes, on private tours. On public tours it is up to the other passengers.

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