Ahh, summer’s in the air which means romance is in the trees!

Whether you’re looking for ways to surprise your girlfriend, first date ideas in NYC, or the best way to swoon your wife on your 50th anniversary, New York City is chock full of options for you. 

As the most happening city in the world, there’s absolutely no shortage of date ideas that will really make her smile. We have the greatest buildings, the greatest harbors, and amenities up the wazoo that are certain to create lasting memories that will leave her grateful, breathless, and completely in love with you.  

So, take a look at our top three date ideas - if you’ve taken your sweet honey on one of these special dates, leave a comment below!

The Best Summer Night Date Idea

A nighttime date is a special occasion. The moonlight creates a breathtaking backdrop amid the lights and sounds of New York City. It’s only proper that you take this opportunity to really make an impact.

Our New York Harbor Tours are a perfect nighttime date idea. Just imagine - sipping a nice bottle of wine while sailing on the quiet harbor waters while you whisper sweet nothings in her ear.  

This is a special opportunity - not many people consider taking to the water for a nighttime date idea, which means you can be sure your special someone has never been taken out on one of New York’s many harbors. You are also completely safe with our trained crew who will keep out of the way - they all understand that privacy during a really important date is crucial to set the mood.

The Best Daytime Date Idea

When the sun’s out, you have to take advantage. Think of nature, open air, and sweet smells to get you in the mood.

We suggest the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Over 50 acres of lush greenery and flowers fill the air with sweet aromas of flowers and fauna, and the sheer amount of area the garden covers can leave you wondering together for hours on end.

 The best part about this date? It’s completely free. We all know sometimes you can’t spend a pretty penny on just one day, so we think this is an incredible option for cost-minded boyfriends.

The Best Foodie Date Idea

Is your girlfriend a foodie? Well, NYC has you covered. With a restaurant culture that is the envy of the world, there’s no telling what you’ll find around the corner.

 Additionally, when we say there is something for everyone, we’re not kidding. There are only so many days in your life, and there’s absolutely no way you or your girlfriend could try all the different, unique foods available in NYC.

If you’re looking to bring your girlfriend through an odyssey of food, there’s no better thing to do than head to Smorgasbourg. Their Ramen Burger is one of the most unique and novel blends of two food traditions that anybody who loves Instagrammable food can’t say no to.

Have other great date ideas? Let us know!




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