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A bachelor party is perhaps one of the most memorable experiences of any man’s life. That’s why so many people try to go all out when one of their friends makes the move to put a ring on it.

Often seen as a “last hurrah” for the boys before married life, it’s all-important to make sure the experience is one that all your friends will remember for years to come. The great thing is that New York City has endless options for bachelor parties, so you won’t have a hard time finding that perfect experience.

We’ve compiled a list of the best ideas you can find for bachelor parties in New York City. We hope that you’ll find your next bachelor party experience on this list.

1.   Cigar Party

There’s nothing that says kicking it with the boys than drawing from a hand-rolled cigar. Long considered a definitive sign of manliness, there’s nothing that beats puffing on high-quality tobacco while shaking up old memories with friends. 

We suggest the Harlem Cigar Room, not only for its classy atmosphere, but for its staggering selection of high-quality cigars.

2.   Harbor Tour

Having a bachelor party on a boat is like no other. Excitement, the fresh air, and fantastic views are a great setting for friends to get together and reminisce about the “good old days.”

New York Harbor Tours offers private parties large enough for your entire entourage to get rolling on the ocean. The best part? BYOB!

3.   Bar Crawl

Sometimes, the best bachelor parties are ones where you truly throw down on the libations. If you’re looking to get the party started in raucous style—all while checking out the best bars in NYC—then a bar crawl is your best bet!

Our vote goes to the East Village Dive Bar Tour. Not only will you experience the most character-rich environments full of colorful regulars—the drinks are cheaper than usual at these spots, which means you’ll be able to truly get down to partying!

4.   Rooftop Party

The New York Skyline is a perfect setting for a party. The subject of endless paintings and photographs, we’re also certain it will lend itself to lingering memories for years to come!

We say a rooftop party is a great way to experience the skyline with your friends, and no view is better than at Rooftop Bar. Check out their gallery to see what we mean.

5.   Music!

Concerts in their own right are memorable experiences, and if your friends are musically inclined there can’t be any better marriage of tunes and partying than in a wild concert. 

Our favorite venue in the NYC area is Elsewhere. Situated on three floors, including a stunning rooftop bar, experiencing the live sound of your favorite artists is best done here.

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